Gravity Guy


Left click or space bar to flip gravity.

Gravity guy is a multiplayer casual game in the action department. It is simple and easy to operate. Your main task here is to make this gravity boy walk on the ground, followed by an alien. If the alien catches you, it means your game has failed.

Gravity guy’s Game Operations

In Gravity guy, you will use the mouse button to let the gravity kid walk on the road. When there is no road, you need to point it to the right path in time to keep it going.

Gravity guy’s game content

You will be able to play with more than one person and two or even four people in Gravity guy. After you follow an alien, you must protect yourself from being caught by aliens. Otherwise, you will fail. If you don’t follow the right path, then you will go to heaven or earth and go directly to death.

Gravity guy’s Game Features

In Gravity guy, it is a multiplayer game. You can play Gravity Boy with many people. Moreover, it is a running game, and you must be in front of aliens before you can save your life. If you also like running games, it will not disappoint you if you come to Gravity guy.

Do you like games that are challenging and maneuverable?  Then you can choose to come to gravity guy.  Your main task here is to control the gravity boy to run well and let him run in the right position.  Because once it does not run on the correct and safe platform, it will be affected by gravity, and the game will fail.  The same is run 3(run 3), which also requires you to pay attention to the changes in the front platform because if you don’t pay attention, you may fall into the loopholes in the system and the game will fail directly.  However, adam and eve, who stress on the direction of advance and break through the barrier, is a kind of person who needs your help to overcome difficulties, face difficulties, march toward heaven and join Eve.

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